Our story

Ember Connect is an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander-led collective that elevates Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women to greater possibilities.

Our online platform, Ember Connect Live, is a living, breathing meeting place where we can gather, share stories, learn, and make genuine connections with other women. It provides an avenue for us to seek out our truest aspirations – in the safety of a space dedicated to the advancement and elevation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women.

Ember Connect will link our members to key people and opportunities through the facilitation of a flexible and holistic program – weekly program delivery consists of healing conversations, inspirational webinars, and personal and professional learning that are purposefully designed to elevate knowledge, connection and exciting new possibilities for women.

Our work continues to be guided by research and influenced by key thought-leaders, including the Wiyi Yani U Thangani (Women’s Voices) report, and by the voices of our members.

Our commitment to our mEmbers’ freedom to choose is unwavering – as is our dedication to equip women with the information required to practice agency over their own lives – because a choice without information, is no choice at all.

Our history

The concept of Ember Connect was imagined by a small network of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women who simply wanted to maintain their enduring connection with each other. The collective of women, bound by a common passion and vision, made themselves available to one another in an effort to help mobilise connections and opportunities.

The result was nothing short of inspirational. 

Following months of research and hours of candid conversations, Ember Connect emerged for all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women to harness a powerful network of women dedicated to connect, elevate and ignite possibilities for members.

Our name

Why “Ember”?

To start the process of identifying a name with our focus group, we were asked one question – what do we want for our daughters, granddaughters and nieces?

Each person sat in silence and contemplated the gravity of the question – all of us searching for the right words to fully express the layers of thought streaming through our minds.

We spent hours talking, crying, laughing and reflecting, and finally, we managed to name the common themes emerging in our conversation – they were regeneration and belonging.

The consultation process took us on a beautiful journey and into the territory of fire, smoke and embers. We meticulously considered how fire plays (and has played) a role in our lives as physical, social, emotional and spiritual nourishment.  

We know that fire historically served to not only illuminate, but to clear a path through dense bushland. We know that fire, while it is obviously consuming, will always returns warmth and light to those gathered around. Fire inspires storytelling and dancing, and when nurtured, it glows brightly and unapologetically.

Deep inside the fire, embers are glowing – each one holding immense energy – each one contributing to the unbridled potential of the collective.

Women – like embers – grow stronger and more powerful together.

Ember Connect wishes to acknowledge the many Traditional Custodians of Country throughout Australia and we honour their deep continuing connection to land, sky, waterways and community.

We pay our respects to our Elders past, present and emerging who illuminate our journey to truth-telling, culture and conservation, which remains stronger than ever.